17/12/2018 | Newmedix

Day: 17/12/2018

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Nieuw e-boek van Prof. Dr. Michael Maes: Waarom het chronisch vermoeidheidssyndroom “niet tussen de oren zit”…

Newmedix, together with Prof Dr. Michael Maes released a new ebook.

Prof. Dr. Maes is number 1 scientific expert in the field of CFS / ME.

In this ebook, Dr. Maes explains why the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS / ME) is not “between the ears” and what the biological causes are.

Since early 2016, Newmedix has been working closely with Prof Dr. ir. Maes. The treatments at Newmedix are largely based on his scientific research.

This book explains the scientific framework of this method further. A patient case is discussed at the end of the book.

New topics are also being offered, such as tryptophan catabolites (trycats). These are substances that can lead to neuroinflammation (inflammation of the nerve cells). According to Dr. Maes is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS / ME) a ​​neuro-inflammatory disease.

This book is written for patients, therapists and doctors who want to better understand the backgrounds of this complex condition.

The book can be downloaded for only € 10 from this page:  https://newmedix.nl/boekdrmaescvs